The Silent Partner That
Goes Where You Go

Kubota introduces a new line of low noise heavy-duty 4-pole diesel generators, the SQ series.
Powered by Kubota's own cleaner emission and highly durable E-TVCS combustion system diesel engines, the SQ series ensure a much quieter, more efficient, and longer service life practically anywhere you go.

4-Pole / Single & Three Phase Type
Prime Output: 11.2 kVA ~ 35.0 kVA


Over-Sized Muffler
Sound level has been lowered by the over-sized muffler

Second Muffler
(for V3300 only)
A special 2 stage muffler system is used in generators powered by V3300 to reduce noise even further.

Improved Enclosure with a Noise Absorbing Duct
Noise within the generator unit has been lowered by improving the noise reduction enclosure and by adding a new noise absorbing duct with 3 air intake holes.

Quieter Cooling Fan
Kubota not only reduced fan related noise with this larger-diameter, slower-speed fan, but was able to maintain the same cooling effect as one running at normal speed.

Extra-Long Air Cleaner Hose
A longer air cleaner inlet hose is used to keep the low frequency noise down.

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